Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Judgment of Champion Warrior, Orc Raider Warlord, Destroyer Giran Castle Town,
Veteran Ascalon
Next to Weapons Shop



The quest begins with the Veteran Ascalon who stands right by the weapons shop in Giran.


Veteran Ascalon by the weapons shop in Giran

He will send you to Dion Castle Town to talk to Mason. [If you are facing the warehouse in Dion, he is to the left at the end of a building. Walk along the city wall to see him.] Mason will tell you to go and collect 100 heads from the Bloody Axe's Royal Guards.


Mason in Dion

Bloody Axe's Royal Guards have the same appearance as the Ol Mahum Officer. On the way to Hunter's Village, before entering the cave, they will be south of the road. They are mixed together with Leto Lizardmen. [Look at the map in the picture below.]


Location of Bloody Axe's Royal Guards

These monsters are aggressive, so be careful. You can't really see from the picture above but there were almost 9 of them there. It is a screenshot taken while running away. While doing the quest walkthrough, a few people died. T_T

Anyways, you have to get 100 heads and then return to Mason. Then Mason will give you a letter as a quest item. You have to take this letter back to Ascalon in Giran. Then he will tell you you have to go talk to the storekeeper in the magic shop. The magic trader will tell you to go collect 30 Medusa's Poison, 30 Harpy's Eggs, and 30 Windsus' Sap.


The region shown is Dragon Valley and Giran Castle Town.
The red area at the top is the location of Windsus.
The red location at the bottom-right is where Medusa and Harpy are.

After you have collected all of these ingredients, again you will receive a letter. Take this letter back to Ascalon in Giran. And if you talk to him, again, you'll have work to do. You will now need to go to Oren Castle Town and speak with Captain Moen.


Guard Moen in Oren

If you talk to Moen, you will have to go collect 100 Road Scavenger's heads. Then once you come back with the heads you will have to go collect 100 Leto Lizardman's teeth.


Region pictured is Oren Castle Town at top and Dragon Valley at bottom.
Top red area is where the Leto Lizardmen spawn
Bottom red area is where the road scavenger spawn.

After you have collected all that, the captain will give you a Letter of Thanks. Take this letter back to Ascalon and he will give you the Champion's voucher

Congratulations, you have completed the Judgement of Champion!