Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Judgment of Healer Knight, Cleric, Elven Knight, Oracle Paladin, Bishop, Temple Knight, Elder Giran Castle Town,
Priest Bandellos



The quest begins at the temple in Giran Castle Town with the Priest Bandellos. The temple is the large building up the steps on the east side of the center square of Giran. Bandellos will tell you to go to Gludin Village and find Perrin. Perrin is by a hill near Gludin harbor When facing the harbor and sea from the village, the hill will be on the right [north of the harbor].


Location of Perrin around Gludin harbor

Perrin will tell you to go talk to Allana who stands on the other side of Gludin harbor by the lighthouse. Allana will send you to near Gludio Castle Town to go find the Orphanage Head Goop. [You could just run over there. Look at the position on the map. He is not too far west of Gludio Town but a bit north of the road just past a hill. Or you could teleport to Gludio and come out of its west entrance.]


Location of Goop near Gludio

Goop will ask you if you are or are not going to donate 10,000 adena. If you choose to donate money, the quest will progress differently from here on. If you donated, then you'd be sent to Windy Shaoring. So, just say you will not donate.


If you did not heed this walkthrough and donated money,
you'd have to find Windy Shaoring by the Ant Nest

Assuming you said you will not donate, he'll say something or the other and make you close the conversation window. But if you talk to him again, he'll tell you to go to Gludio Castle Town and find Master Sorius (he stands in the Human/Elf fighter's guild building). Sorius will tell you to go to the Orc Barracks [aka Turek Orc Camp] and find Daurin Hammercrusher. Daurin's location is shown below in the Orc Barrack area:


Daurin's location is almost near the shore, even

If you talk to Daurin and close the conversation window, 3 lizard monsters will spawn. Use sleep on them and kill them one by one. [Supposedly, 1 is a warrior and 2 are guards and you should kill the warrior, but sleep the guards first.] Since this is a healer's quest, doing the quest alone will be difficult. Bring a tanker knight with you. The quest items they drop look like a scroll. Note, that if you fail to get these items, you have no choice but to start it over. [ In the North American version, Daurin may send you off to find the 3 dark elves and skip this following section about Shiningblade and Piper Longbow. Read the conversation window.]

Now you have the scrolls and can return to Sorius in Gludio. You'll need to go to the Dark Elven region. Don't use the gatekeeper since you have to be in the swamp/altar region. [NOTE: here the walkthroughs I am referencing differ. The main one I am using says you must go to the Dark Elf Initiation Altar and find Slain Shiningblade. The other one says to find Piper Longbow who stands between the road and the waterfalls in the swampy area. I think it matters whether or not you donated money earlier. I will show the pictures for both, but will assume it is Shiningblade you have to go talk to.]


Slain Shiningblade located at the Initiation Altar


The alternative, is Piper Longbow located near the Dark Elven waterfalls in the swampy area

In either case, after you talk to either Shiningblade or Longbow, you will have to go find 3 Questionable Dark Elves [apparently they are called "Mystery Dark Elf"] Each of the 3 NPCs will spawn monsters. You need to get a quest item from the monsters they spawn. The spawn order:

First time: 3 Lizardmen [Assassins? someone says they are]
Second time: 3 Lizardman Archers [Snipers?]
Third time: 2 Lizardman Shamans and a Warlord [or Overlord]

It is possible to get the quest item from only killing the warlord in the third time. Also, doing this quest alone is very difficult if not impossible. You must bring someone else with you.

You only need to get the quest items to drop. The locations of the questionable dark elves are shown below. [ Left one is where Piper Longbow is.. between the road and the waterfalls. The center one is right at the altar itself, so you may as well start there, and the one on the right is on the road west of the altar.]


The three locations of the questionable dark elves (click to enlarge)

Once you get the quest items, head over to an area just south-west of the altar and find Saint Christina. Listen to what she has to say.


Location of Christina just southwest of the Initiation Altar

Next, go back to Sorius and talk with him in Gludio. Then go to Giran and talk to Bandellos (where you started) and receive your experience and SP and the final quest item, the healer's voucher.

Congratulations on completing the Judgment of Healer!