Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Judgment of Lord Orc Shaman Overlord Orc Village,
Kakai The Lord of Flame
2nd floor at entrance



The quest begins in the Orc Village at Lord of Flame Kakai. When you talk to Kakai he will tell you to complete the tasks for each of the 5 sub-chief. The Atuba, Neruka, and Urutu chiefs are either in front of Kakai or to his left or right when going down the stairs. The Gandi chief is in Dion Castle Town and the Duda-mara chief is in Oren Castle Town.


Left to right: Urutu chief Hatos, Kakai, Atuba chief Varkees

1. Atuba Chief - if you talk to him, he will send you to Giran Castle Town to speak with Seer Manakia. Manakia is located in the very north-western corner of Giran. If you talk to Manakia, he will make you go collect 20 Breka Orc Canines. Breka orcs can be found north of Giran but south of Dragon Valley.


Red region on map on the right is between Giran and Dragon Valley and is the location of Breka Orcs

2. Neruka Chief - when you talk to him, he will tell you to go get 1000 bone arrows and a Sacrificial Axe [or Ceremonius rites] from the Weapons Trader Jakaron in the village. While doing the quest, if you buy the bone arrows, it should be fine. And if you talk to Jakaron and pay him 1000 adena, you can buy the axe from him.

3. Urutu Chief - he will tell you to talk to Blacksmith Sumari in the village. If you talk to Sumari, he will ask you to get a dark blade from Prefect Sumak over in Dion Castle Town. (You will have to use the gatekeeper.) Now, when you talk to Sumak, he will tell you to go collect 10 Timak Orc Skulls. Timak Orcs can be found at the Ivory Tower area.


Timak Orcs can be found at the Ivory Tower area

4. Dudu-mara Chief - he will send you back to the Cruma swamp to kill Swamp Spiders and collect 10 legs and 10 antennae.


Swamp Spider is locaed in the swampy area surrounding Cruma Tower

5. Gandi Chief - He will send you off to colect 20 corneas from Strengthened Monster Eyes over near the Ivory Tower. They can be found north of the Ivory Tower.


Strengthened Monster Eyes are located just north of the Ivory Tower

After completing all 5 sub-chiefs tasks, go talk to Kakai in Orc Village. You're not done yet. He will send you to the Cave of Trials to talk to the Old spirit Martankus. [Martankus is this big face engraved into the wall.] Martankus will tell you to bring back 1 Ragna Orc head. When you did the level 37 quest, the Ragna orcs are found in that same location. (Near the cave of trials on the outside. You have to fall from a bridge and follow the road south.) When you bring Martankus the head, you can then go back to kakai and he will give you the final quest item.

Congratulations, you have completed the Judgment of Lord!