Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Judgment of Magus Wizard, Elven Wizard, Dark Wizard Sorcerer, Spell Singer, Spell Howler Dion Castle Town,
Bard Rukal



The quest begins at the temple in Dion Castle Town with Bard Rukal. [Not going to translate what he says.]


The letter Rukal gives you

He will give you the quest item Rukal's Letter and send you off to Gludin Village to find Parina. She stands in the temple.


Parina in Gludin

You'll give the letter to Parina and she will give you her own letter and tell you to go find Wiseman Casian over in Wasteland. [Look at yellow dot by the label that means "Wasteland" on the map.]


Location of Wiseman Casian in Wasteland

Once you find him and give him Parina's letter, he will tell you the locations of the Singing Flower. One can get a charm that blocks poisonous gas from these singing flowers. The locations where they appear are: Fellmere Lake, waterfalls near Ivory Tower, south of Giran Castle Town.


Left picture is near the waterfalls by Ivory Tower, middle one is south of Giran Castle Town and the larger inset on the right is right at Fellmere Lake.

The full names of the flowers with their locations are: - Singing Flower of Darkness [aka "Singing Flower Darkling" in English client]: south of Giran
- Singing Flower of Illusion [aka "Singing Flower Phantasm" in English client]: Fellmere Lake
- Singing Flower of Nightmares [ aka "Singing Flower Nightmare" in English client]: near Ivory Tower

You will collect Gold Seeds from them. Once you have collected 3 seeds, go back to Wasteland and talk to Casian. When you talk to him, he will tell you to take the 3 seeds with you to Dion and talk with Rukal again.


Give the seeds to Rukal

He will tell you to find the 4 great elemental spirits and write on sheet music the spirits' [music?]. The 4 spirits are: Water Element located at Fellmere Lake, Fire Element located at Ruins of Despair, Wind Element located at Wasteland, and Earth Element located at Ruins of Sorrow.


The locations of the 4 elemental spirits (click to enlarge)
Left to right: Wind just off north-west corner of Wasteland, Water in Fellmere Lake, Fire a big south-east of Ruins of Despair, and Earth at Ruins of Sorrow

Spirit of Water

If you talk with the spirit of water, he will tell you to go to Cruma swamp to collect 20 Waterdrops of Dazzlement [dazzlement of bewilderment] by killing Marsh Stakato and Inpicio. Then the spirit will give you its certificate.

Spirit of Fire

The spirit of fire will ask you to bring back 5 crystals of fire by killing Ghost Fire that is at the Ivory Tower area.

Spirit of Earth

You are supposed to go to the Ivory Tower area and hunt Strengthened Monster Eye, and Strengthened Iron Golem and collect 10 totems [each?].

Spirit of Wind

This time you have to go kill Wyrm, Harpy, and Windsus to collect as evidence: 20 Harpy's feathers, 10 Wyrm's wing bones, and 10 Windsus' manes. Wyrm is at Death Pass. [Harpy should be located north-east of Giran Castle Town and I think Windsus, too.]

# Tip
Talk with all 4 spirits first and then do all 4 errands at the same time.

After you have collected the required items for each spirit, return to the spirits and get the quest items of proof from them. With all 4 in hand, return to Rukal in Dion.


Return to Rukal with the vouchers from the spirits and he will give you his own

When you meet Rukal again he will give you the final quest item Magus' Voucher.

Congratulations, you have completed the Judgment of Magus!

(When you are level 40, you can visit the grandmaster for your race and do the job transfer. i.e. like below, the dark elf one for the dark elf wizard)


For Dark Elf wizards, go to the Dark Elf grand master