Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Judgment of War Spirit Orc Shaman Warcrier Dion Castle Town,
Seer Somak
Behind smithy



The quest begins over at Dion Castle Town with Seer Somak. This quest will be about searching for the remains of 4 dead: Braki's remains, Kiruna's remains, Tonar's remains, and Hermot's remains.

The NPCs you have to talk to about each are:
1. Braki's: Orim located in Dragon Valley
2. Kiruna's: Seer Racoy located in Gludio Castle Town
3. Tonar's: Seer Pekiron located in Oren Castle Town
4. Hermot's: Seer Manakia located in Giran Castle Town

1. Visit Orim. To find him, you have to go north past the Dragon Valley entrance and then where there is an opening on the right, enter there.


Location of Orim in Dragon Valley

If you talk to Orim, he will make you collect 10 of each of the following quest items: Porta's Eye, Excuro's Scale, and Mordeo's Toenail/claw. These monsters can be all found on the 1st floor of Cruma Tower. Collect them, and return to Orim. He will give you Braki's remains.


Orim will give you the first of the remains

2. Visit Seer Racoy in Gludio Castle Town. When you talk to Racoy he will send you off to talk to Priest Viviante (same town). When you talk to Viviante, she will tell you to go meet Trader Salient who is at the southern entrance to Wasteland [you can use the gatekeeper to go from Gludio to Gludin and then to the southern entrance]. Salient will give you an insect book and tell you to go to the Ant Nest and collect 5 pieces of remains by killing Male/Gray Ants. This part is difficult to do alone, so do this part of the quest in a party. After you collect them all, return to Racoy who will give you the second of the remains.


Racoy will send you to the Ant Dungeon

3. Visit Seer Pekiron in Oren Castle Town. Pekiron will tell you to go kill Leto Lizardman Shaman and Chief to collect pieces of the remains. The Leto Lizardman series are all over the Oren Castle Town area (look south of the town and along the way to Hunter's Village, too.) Then Pekiron will give you the third of the remains.


Pekiron gives you the third of the remains

4. Visit Seer Manakia in Giran Castle Town. Manakia is in the very northwestern corner of Giran. This time around you will have to go kill the Gorgon Quen Stenoa and collect the skull and also kill Medusas to collect totems. Once you have collected them, return to Manakis for the last of the remains.


The red dot at the top is where Stenoa is. The red area circled is Medusa's spawn are

Once you have all 4 remains, return to Dion and talk to Somak. Somak will tell you to go collect 13 Tamrin Orc necks as a present for the Ancient Spirit Martankus. Tamrin Orcs spawn just west of Hunter's Village, south of the road.


Tamrin Orc location just south-west of Hunter's Village

After collecting 13 of the necks, go back to Somak and then he will tell you to go meet Martankus. Martankus is located in the Cave of Trials (you will have to use the gatekeepers to get to the Orc Village)


Martankus will give you the final quest item

Congratulations, you have completed the Judgment of War Spirit!