Quest Name

Current Class

After Quest Class

Starting Town

Test of Glory

Orc Raider, Orc Monk, Orc Shaman

Destroyer, Tyrant, Overlord, Warcrier

Giran Castle Town, Prefect Vokiyan



Quest begins at Giran Castle Town with the Prefect Vokiyan. [You will find him located at the north-west corner of Giran. When you come in from the left northern entrance from Dion, he's right at the wall corner where the other orcs stand.]


If you read the conversation, you will need to go collect items from monsters.

1. Collect the item 10 fragments from Manasen located in Ivory Tower.
2. Collect 10 toenails from Tilunt [or Tyrant] located in Wasteland.
3. Collect 10 teeth from Guardian Basilisk located in Death Pass

If you descend from the cliff in the Ivory Tower area, you'll see many Manasen. They react tribally [if you hit one too close to another, the other one will turn on you, too.] You should be able to find many Tyrants/Tilunts around the ant cave area. And lastly, the guardian basilisk will be along the road from Giran to Oren right around the dragon valley area.

After you collect the 3 items, go see Vokiyan again.


Vokiyan sends you to Giran

This time he will give you the quest item Necklace of Power [power/authority] and send you to Dion Castle Town to talk to Gandi Chief Chianta


Gandi Chief Chianta

Chianta will ask you to bring back 5 lower orc tribe seals [a seal from each of the 5 orc tribes. Note, the five tribes are Breka, Enku, Leunt, Vuku, and Gandi.] So, first go to Giran Castle Town and talk to the Seer Manakia.


Manakia tells you to go get the 5 seals

Manakia will tell you to take a letter to the Enku Orc tribe's chief [Enku Chief Kepra]. He will be in the Dion region's southern shores [actually, he's pretty much directly south of Floran right by the sea but a little north of the road that runs along the shore.] That letter is from the Lord of Flame Kakai. You are also supposed to go find the Breka Orc tribe's chief [Breka Chief Boltar or Voltar] in Dragon Valley near its southern cliff.


Breka Chief's location

So, let's start with the one in Dragon Valley. To get the seal from Enku Chief Boltar, you have to defeat his two sons. Once you get the seal, go south from Floran village by the sea.


Enku chief's location

Find Enku Chief Kepra at the location marked on the map in the image south of Floran. This time you will have to defeat 4 Enku Chief warlords to get the seal. (mm... they're from the same tribe but he refers to them as animals..? hmm -_-?) If you came by yourself to do the quest at level 37, you'll have a hard time since you have to kill 4. Bring a healer or at least some greater healing potions. Kill the 4 and then get the seal from Kepra.

Then run to about almost the southern entrance to wasteland and use the scroll of return/escape. The reason for this is to get back to Gludin Village. Here, go talk to Prefect Kasman.


He will tell you about the three types of orcs: vuku, turek, and leunt.

First, go to the area south of Forgotten Temple right by the shore. You'll find Leunt Chief Harak there. He'll just give you the Leunt seal without requiring you to do anything.


To find the Turek chief, you have to go to the Orc Barracks [aka Turek Orc Camp] north of Gludin. You'll be able to find Turek Chief Brae here. However, don't try to simply talk to him!


Location of Turek chief

NOTE: the Turek orcs will attack from all sides, so BEFORE talking to the turek chief, clear out the area around him of the monsters. Then, the other problem is that once you try to talk to him, it will summon 2 Turek Bugbears. So after you take care of that, talk to him and get the Turek's seal. So, then run to just east of GludiO Castle Town. (You could use a scroll to return to Gludin and teleport but..)


Vuku Chief location east of Gludio

He will give you the seal if you go killing the Marsh Stakato Drone that can be found in the Cruma swamp. You have to collect 20 skins/shells.


Cruma swamp around the Cruma Tower.

Once you've collected all 20, you'll get the last of the seals.


Driko gives you the last seal

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the quest. So, now, go back to Chianta in Dion. The 5 seals will disappear and he will make you do more. He'll make you go collect 20 Timak Orc necks and 20 Tamrin orc necks.


The Timak orcs can be found in the area south of Ivory Tower. Tamrin orcs can be found past the cave near Hunter's Village but just west of the village.


Location of Tamrin orcs just west of Hunter's Village

Once you've collected 20 necks of each orc kinds, return to Chianta.


Is it the end yet? No, sorry, you have to go to Seer Tanapi. Tanapi is located in the Orc Village. You will need to take the gatekeeper.


Conversation with Tanapi

Tanapi will tell you that the Ragna orcs took possession of the Tantos tribe's Seal. You will have to go hunt either Ragna's Warlord or Ragna's Seer. He won't give you information on how to find them.


On the way to find Ragnas.

[Look at the above image.] From here, fall from the cliff and go south. Follow the valley and go down. South of the bridge a little below the cave of trials are where the Ragnas are. When you kill a Ragna's Warlord or Seer the Tantos tribe chief/general's specter will be summoned. If you kill it, then you can get the seal. Once you get the seal, escape back to town.


Return to Tanapi and he'll send you to the Lord of Flames

Once you give the Tantos' sesal to Tanapi, he will give you the quest item Ceremonial Box [box or case] and tell you to go talk to Kakai, the Lord of Flames.


Finally, the last conversation where Kakai gives you the certificate.

From Tanapi, you need to go up to the second floor where Kakai stands in the middle of the 2nd floor. Once you talk to him the ceremonial box will disappear and you will get 40000 experience and 5000 SP [note, these numbers may no longer be accurate] and you will also receive the final quest item Glory's voucher.

Congratulations, you have completed the Test of Glory!