Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Trial of Guild Member Scavenger, Artisan Bounty Hunter, Warsmith Giran Castle Town, Warehouse Keeper Balcon



1. Quest begins at Giran Castle Town. To begin the quest, go find the warehouse and talk to Warehouse Keeper Balcon. (Look at map for location.)

Location within Giran of Balcon
courtesy of Lineage Center

Screenshot of Balcon and map

You need to accept the task to make 7 journeyman's rings. In order to make the item, the ingredients and the recipe are required.

2. Before going out to get the recipe for it, first go to the Execution Ground and kill Mandragora Complete and collect just one of the quest item Mandragora Berry.


Screenshot of Mandragora Complete and Mandragora Berry quest item

3. After obtaining a Mandragora Berry, go to the Talking Island Village and visit Blacksmith Alltran. (Look at map for location.)

Location within Talking Island Village of Blacksmith Alltran
courtesy of Lineage Center

Screenshot and location on world map of Blacksmith Alltran

You can get the recipe for the Journeyman's Ring, but the required ingredients are as follows: 1 journeyman's jewel, 1 journeyman's ornamental bead, 1 iron, 10 polishes/varnishes, and 10 D-grade crystals. For the quest, you need to make a total of 7 of these rings, so you'll need a grand total of: 7 journeyman's jewels, 7 journeyman's ornamental beads, 7 irons, 70 polishes, and 70 D-grade crystals.

You should already have the other ingredients but you'll need the journeyman's jewels and ornamental beads. Blacksmith Alltran will tell you information about obtaining these two items.

Once he finishes giving you information, you will have to go to Gludin Village

4. At Gludin, find the Warehouse Keeper Norman. (Look at location on map.)

Location of Warehouse Keeper Norman within Gludin Village
courtesy of Lineage Center

Screenshot and location on world map of Norman

If you find Norman, he will tell you to go to Hunter's Village and find Blacksmith Duning to get 30 Mithril Keys. After getting a voucher from Norman, BEFORE going to Hunter's Village, to first get another quest item, let's go to Gludio Castle Town and find Blacksmith Pinter.

5. At Gludio, Blacksmith Pinter will tell you that while making the journeyman's ornamental bead, an amber bead is required. He will tell you to go to Wasteland and get 70 amber beads from the Worker Ant and Worker Ant General/Chief. Actually, he will give you a recipe to make 5 amber beads from a lump of amber. You will need to use the recipe to make the beads. That means you need 14 lumps of amber. Usually out of 3~4 of the ants, you can get a lump of amber. The amber bead recipe takes 100 MP.


Finally, you get the Journeyman's Beads.

After completing this necessary side step with Pinter, let's continue on to Hunter's Village. To get to Hunter's Village you can either walk/run north from Giran for a long while, or spend 9400 adena at the gatekeeper. Since a dwarf is rather slow, you may want to use the gatekeeper, instead.

*NOTE* if you choose to walk, you must walk all the way to the cave in front of the hunter's village because otherwise, if you use the scroll of escape/return, you'll end up in Oren.

6. At Hunter's Village you are supposed to find Blacksmith Duning to obtain the mithril keys. (Look at location on map.)

Location of Blacksmith Duning within Hunter's Village
courtesy of Lineage Center

Screenshot and location on world map of Duning

Duning won't simply give you those keys. You must go just north of Giran Castle Town and hunt Breka Orc Chiefs to get keys. After you collect 30 of these, then return to Duning. He will then give you his key.


"A" circled area is the region where the Breka Orc series spawns.
"B" circled area is where Silenos respawns.
Item highlighted is Duning's Key.

7. After you take Duning's Key to Norman, he will thank you and remember at the last moment he needs more ingredients. The ingredients are as follows:

1. Grey/Ashen bone powder - from Ghoul and Strain.
2. Granite charcoal rock - from Granite Golems.
3. Red dye - from Corpse Pursuer.
4. Long-haired fur thread - from Silenos.

Since the probability is 100% for 2 of the items to drop each time, you only need to hunt maybe 35 of the monsters to collect the ingredients. To get the fur, hunt the Silenos just north of Giran Castle Town as shown in the image from before. All of the other 3 can be obtained at the Execution Ground.

Ghoul at Execution Ground

Strain at Execution Ground

From those two you can get the grey bone powder

Corpse Pursuer at Execution Ground (drops red dye)

After you get these four ingredients for Warehouse Keeper Norman, he will give you the 7 journeyman's jewels.


Finally, you get the last bit for the ring, the 7 journeyman's jewels.

8. Craft the Journeyman's Rings Now, finally, make the 7 journeyman's rings. Don't forget you also need 7 irons, 70 polishes, and 70 D-grade crystal.

9. Go back to Warehouse Keeper Balcon at Giran Castle Town. When you get to him with the 7 rings, you will get 32,000 experience, 3900 SP [Translator's notes: this information may be old or may still be correct], and the final quest item Guild Member's Voucher.

The last question you have to select the FIRST response.
[you learned the virtue etc an honest guild member requires.]

Congratulations, you have completed the trial!